Cancer in Alaskan Natives: 1974-78.


Preliminary results of a cancer incidence survey among Alaskan Natives, 1974-78, indicated that patterns continue to differ from those of U.S. whites. Significantly high risks were found for cancers of the nasopharynx and liver in men, and cancers of the nasopharynx, gallbladder, cervix, and kidney in women. In men, significantly low risks were found for cancers of the prostate and bladder, leukemia, and lymphoma, and in women for cancers of the breast and uterus (excluding cervix), and lymphoma. Results are also given separately for Eskimo-Aleuts and Indians. Compared with Indians, Eskimo-Aleuts had higher risks for nasopharyngeal and liver cancers and lower risks for prostate and breast cancers.

Location Description: 

Alaska AK