Cancer incidence in the Zuni Indians of New Mexico.


The total age-adjusted incidence of cancer in the Zuni Indians of New Mexico was significantly lower than that of the New Mexico Anglo population during the period 1969-1982. Specific sites at which the Zunis had a significantly lower number of cases than expected, based on the rates for Anglos, are: colon, rectum and anus, lung, breast, endometrium, melanoma of the skin, pancreas, and the leukemias. Sites at which the Zunis had a higher number of cases than expected are stomach and gallbladder. The Zunis have a pattern of occurrence of cancer that is similar to other American Indians of New Mexico (Navajo, Apache, and Pueblo); however, rates of lung, colonic, and pancreatic cancer among the Zunis are significantly lower. The occurrence and anatomic distribution of cancer among the Zunis may be the result of cultural and environmental conditions or genetic influences. Further studies may clarify the risk factors that contribute to this pattern of disease.

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New Mexico NM