Healthy Native Families: Preventing Violence At All Ages 3rd Edition


The Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium’s vision is that Alaska Native people are the healthiest in the world. Alaska Native people living lives free of domestic violence and sexual violence (DV/SV) would contribute to making this vision a reality. Unfortunately, it is common to hear that DV/SV disproportionately affects Alaska Native people. The first step to addressing a problem is to understand its depth and breadth. Domestic and sexual violence are patterns of behavior involving intentional violence, inappropriate sexual behavior, intimidation, control, and neglect affecting a child, teen, adult, or elder’s emotional, psychological, spiritual, or physical self. Domestic and sexual violence may include threatening or shaming language, forced sexual interaction, reproductive coercion, property damage, pet abuse, Internet predation, stalking, commercial sexual exploitation and financial exploitation. The harm is inflicted by family members and intimate partners, as well as acquaintances, authority figures, and in some cases, strangers. This bulletin brings together the existing data on DV/SV affecting Alaska Native people. By monitoring the numbers and expanding data collection, we can assess the effectiveness of prevention and intervention efforts in putting an end to violence. 44 p.

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