Needs assessment for an urban native HIV and AIDS prevention program.


At the request of Native community-based organizations in Montreal, a needs assessment for an HIV and AIDS education and prevention program for urban Natives was initiated. A five-session focus group concerning HIV and AIDS was attended by nine Native persons over a 2-month period. Data was collected using the guidelines of the HIV/AIDS Rapid Anthropological Assessment Procedures (AIDS RAP) developed by the Social and Behavioral Research Unit of the World Health Organization's Global Programme on AIDS. We followed these up with in-depth semi-structured interviews with five different members of the Montreal Native community. The data were reviewed by a steering committee to ensure validity. Findings highlight the potential explosive route of transmission of HIV along networks of sexual interaction between persons in urban areas and then to rural partners. Maintaining control over the AIDS program planning within the community permits issues such as traditional values and healing practices to be discussed and taken into account.

First Nations