Urban American Indian/Alaska Native Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening Service Description


This report provides baseline data on efforts to provide breast and cervical cancer services for populations of urban American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) women who reside in the service areas of 34 Urban Indian Health Organizations (UIHO). There are 19 states with one or more UIHOs. The 34 UIHOs were surveyed January-March 2005 to gather information on the UIHO service population demographics, the types and level of breast and cervical cancer services provided, the rates of screening, and the key social determinants that affect screening practices. Thirty three UIHOs responded to the survey. In addition, State breast and cervical health programs for each of the 19 states with a UIHO were surveyed April-May 2005 to gather information on state AI/AN demographics, number of AI/AN women screened by the state program, key social determinants affecting screening practice and AI/AN representation on state advisory coalitions. All 19 states participated in the survey. 56p.