Annual Report Of The Commissioner Of Indian Affairs To The Secretary Of The Interior


Measurements of the cesium-137 content of northern Alaskan natives during the summer of 1964 indicated that the adults of the interior village of Anaktuvuk Pass had the highest average body burden: 1280 nonocuries of cesiium-137. This is an increase of 200% over the average body burden found in the summer of 1962 and 100% over that found in the summer of 1963. The greatest burden found in a native in 1964 was 2.4 microcuries of cesium-137, but the highest burden of all, 3.0 microcuries, was measured in a non-native living mainly on caribou meat. Sodium-22 was found in samples of urine from Eskimos and subsequently in the Eskimos themselves and in reindeer and caribou meat. Table. Bibliography.