Wearable Technology and Cultural Narrative: At the Intersection of Health and History


Wearable technology has become a daily part of our lives. This technology is used to monitor such things as our heart rates, our sleeping patterns, and the number of steps we take. In fact, tracking steps is one of the most popular uses of wearable technology. But what motivates people to walk? In 2015, the Chickasaw Nation began working on a first-of-itskind interactive walking application through our department of health, our department of culture and humanities, and our department of communications. The goal of this application was to encourage Chickasaw citizens to increase their walking habits through narrative motivation. As users walk, they unlock stories that are based on the history of the Chickasaw people. AYA is an intervention in health promotion and disease prevention. Our goal is to improve the lives of our citizens, and the app is one method we use for health promotion and disease prevention.

Cultural Narrative: